Saturday, January 15, 2011

It has been raining on and off for awhile now..... it is Vancouver after all.
There has been some leakage at the bottom inside of the door so I really need to get back to work on the tiny house before it gets any worse.

I thought there was mold under the vapour barrier but it turns out it was just a bit of loose insulation. Never the less this dampness needs tending to.

Toooo many things to do!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

On one of my regular visits to Thomas Haas I made a new friend who happens to be a sheep farmer. What a great connection as I use a lot of wool for my crafting business.

I haven't seen her for some time and last week of course we ran into each other at TH. She asked me if I would like some wool for free.... 75 pounds to be exact! Well who could pass up free wool and delivery in 2 hours. I took her up on the offer!

So here sits in my almost finished studio 75 pounds of "Raw Wool". Yes raw, that needs to be cleaned I don't know how many times then picked and carded.

This a huge undertaking... so I have been scouring you tube on tutorials. I've done this before in art class a long time ago but it seemed much easier. I think it was already washed and we just carded and spun.

I'm just going for it..... maybe small batches at a time. I even found an article on how to build my own carder.
So wish me luck....

P.S. can someone tell me how to link a site, I've tried so many times and it doesn't work.?

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello and Happy New Year.
Once again to much time has past since my last post.
Unfortunately my mother had a stroke over the holidays and it has really thrown my brother and I for a loop. Our mother has been healthy all her life, always helping everyone else out, volunteering here volunteering there. She is now 81 but she definitely doesn't act her age.
Well.... now she is going to need a lot of help as her right arm and leg barely work and her speech is slightly slow. Having said that my mom has a great attitude in life and we are hoping that her outlook is going to take her a long way!
I have to shamelessly say this picture of mom with her grandchildren is 7 years old..... I must have newer ones somewhere.