Thursday, June 23, 2011

Well looks like I'm back in action!
I'm thinking I need to set a firm dead line for finishing the tiny house by the end of August so I can have the studio/store up and running when school starts.

Three days ago was the first day I've worked on the tiny house since the fall. I thought I would start small by getting the lock on.... maybe doing a simple job would give me a running start to what is ahead! It turns out it was more complicated due to the fact that the door frame was botched up and was headed to the land fill. With a bit of filing, patching and sanding a perfectly "brand new" door frame was saved from going to the dump and saved me a few shekel's.

Yesterday was soffit day. I thought this job would go quickly but it turns out it's quite time consuming. I needed to concentrate on every cut I made.... also it's a tight space to work in so lots of twisting and turning. Needless to say my neck is sore today and lots of niks and bruises on my legs.
The soffits are cedar tongue and groove that have come from my girlfriends house that is being renovated. Again material that still has some life to them that can be saved.

Up until now I have had Rick my neighbor as my building mentor but he has gone back to his old trade in sheet metal so I'm pretty much on my own. Having said that I can also call on my brother who is a journey men/cabinet maker with the school board for advice if need be.

So for today it's more soffits but looking out side a few minutes ago it was pouring and now it's sunny.... it's going to be an interesting day!