Thursday, January 13, 2011

On one of my regular visits to Thomas Haas I made a new friend who happens to be a sheep farmer. What a great connection as I use a lot of wool for my crafting business.

I haven't seen her for some time and last week of course we ran into each other at TH. She asked me if I would like some wool for free.... 75 pounds to be exact! Well who could pass up free wool and delivery in 2 hours. I took her up on the offer!

So here sits in my almost finished studio 75 pounds of "Raw Wool". Yes raw, that needs to be cleaned I don't know how many times then picked and carded.

This a huge undertaking... so I have been scouring you tube on tutorials. I've done this before in art class a long time ago but it seemed much easier. I think it was already washed and we just carded and spun.

I'm just going for it..... maybe small batches at a time. I even found an article on how to build my own carder.
So wish me luck....

P.S. can someone tell me how to link a site, I've tried so many times and it doesn't work.?


Ella said...

oh wow. you weren't kidding about a whole lot of wool. that is going to be one big project. it would be fun to have some sort of a workshop on the whole process.

Tina said...

I think a workshop could be in order.
Most crafters usually only see the nice carded wool so to have a chance at working with wool from the complete raw stage is quite an experience.