Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Well it's about time I got this blog under way.... so here I go.
It all started.... OMG that sounds like once a upon a time....
OK.... so I have been visualizing a studio in my back yard for some time now and finally plowed into it by the end of last summer as I was anxious to get it going.

This was not going to be any ordinary space. The idea was to make my little house for free or almost free. I had found a few blogs over the summer with this same idea that were most helpful in particular houses being build out of free pallets. This was so inspiring and with the help of my neighbour Rick who is a handy man knew of a very good supply of pallets. These pallets are very special as the crates are full of steel from Europe.... therefor they are heavy duty.

The deal was I would give him a hand with another shed that was being build for our new neighbourhood community gardens in exchange for his expertise, storing all the lumber on my property and to keep a couple of bee hives in my garden. A fare exchange!

The other element to this project is not only the free aspect but there is so much stuff in the world that is just tossed into the dump with no thought of maybe this stuff still has life to it and lets stop filling up those land fills! It was my plan to recycle as much as possible.

So here are a few photos of the beginning stages of building