Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So as promised this post is about the electrical, lights etc.
To begin with My mentor Rick found a used electrical panel in an old house that was going to be torn down just the next block over from us. I mentioned this in an older post and I'm happy to say it has come in handy and the old house is long gone.

I had a family friend who is an electrician install the panel next to our main house panel. He then installed a GFCI receptacle 4 feet below the panel on the out side of the main house. GFCI is all Greek to me!

Next a neat little power box and extra heavy duty cord was wired in to my tiny house and discreetly placed on the outside.

This is when my sequence of events gets a bit mixed up. The painting was next so now I can finally put up the lights!

All went pretty well..... the funny thing about me is I like when things go off with no glitches, don't we all? I've got to stop doing that to myself. So the track lighting was a piece of cake so were the the pendent lights for that matter. The problem was when I finished the pendents not only were they not working but the tracks weren't working either and they were fine the night before. Turns out the light switches were on separate circuits and when the switches were put in they got wired as one. So that was pretty easy to figure out with a little help.... I was a little frustrated. But all's well and ends well, I'm so please with how it looks!