Friday, February 4, 2011

It has been crazy times these days with going back and forth to the hospital but as of yesterday my mom is now at home and trying to adjust. Even though she has only been in her apartment for a day and a half she is doing remarkably well. It seems to me she could make a full recovery from her stroke.... on wards and up wards

Needless to say the tiny house has been totally neglected to the point that this lovely buffet I received for my birthday yesterday has been sitting in there for 3 days. I must have walked by the tiny house 20 times over those 3 days.

Wow was I surprised! I've had my eye on this buffet for a while.... I knew it would fit perfect and the mirror beside it will hang just above it. Thank you family, I love it!

Now to get working on TTH!


Stacy said...

Oh it's so pretty T. Can't wait to see.