Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Hello folks.... yes I know it has been a while since my last post. I have to say though, it has been a lively 4 weeks!

First of all I did finally get my walls up but disaster struck........ wait let me back track a bit.

The interior of my almost free house has been somewhat of a challenge material wise. It's hard to find discarded free material of a certain quality that I could use for the inside. So after much searching I settled on a 1/8 riveted mahogany. Yes I know what your thinking thats awfully thin but that's what I could afford.

Installing this very thin wood was not an easy task but it was up in an afternoon and I was pleased to move on to the flooring.

The next day I had planned to go to the Interior West Design Show. My girlfriend picked me up in the morning and we had a quick peek inside the tiny house. Something strange happened the moment we both stepped in, our eyes started to burn..... strange. I didn't put much thought into it at that moment but as the day went on I thought I need to go back in before the end of the day. So after attending my sons boxing match that night.... yes my son is a boxer.... my daughter and I went in to investigate and sure enough our eyes started burning again but then our noses stared burning as well.
I had my neighbor come over and take a whiff but he whiffed to close to the wall and started chocking. The conclusion was formaldehyde.

It turns out this is off shore crap that doesn't have the same standards as we do in Canada. Because the wood is so thin and sprayed by who knows what % of formaldehyde and then all stacked together it becomes like a big sponge and the formaldehyde intensifies. I do understand that almost all wood is sprayed with formaldehyde to stop mold from growing and needs some time to off gas but this was way way over the top. It had to go! So the next day it was all ripped out and returned to the store. There wasn't to much of an argument getting a refund maybe they've had a few people complain.

So back to the drawing board.... I ended up getting 1/4" MDF board. Again not the best scenario but it seems more enviro friendly and in my price range. To date two walls are done and just waiting on 4 more sheets from the supplier. It's not that great dealing with MDF in the rainy season but once inside it will be fine.

In the mean time I made inside battens from pallet material and finally put on the door knob. I also have a side job doing some personal organizing for a friend as well as trying to put new things in my etsy shop.

* Photo Description

-first two photos are the bad wood.

-third photo was a beautiful hand built chair made in Sweden that I fell in love with at the design show.... cost 3,900.... maybe furniture making will be my next endeavour!

-fourth photo my son boxing, yes he won.