Thursday, September 23, 2010

Today was a great day with lots of business going on meeting customers wanting dolls and so forth. Driving my kids to where they need to go or pick them up and finally wiring the tiny house.

I must say electrical is a lot easier then I thought. The hard part was drilling the holes and yes Rick was here to help me as some of the holes were a challenge to get through with that big drill bit. Also closed up the air vents with screen so no buggies can make a home in the insulation.

The evening has been spent on the phone with a customer, guiding her along with making a doll, drawing patterns, crocheting a purse and making more dolls.

I just want to go to bed.... but..... my daughter is working on set and pick up is sometime around midnight.

Oh well I'll just keep crocheting!

P.S. One of my snowboards sold today. Time to make more.


Stacy said...

Congrats Tina! Hope to see you soon x

Tina said...

Thanks Stacy for all your comments. I'm glad to know someone is following.
Yes we should get together soon as I'm hoping to get most of your order done this weekend.