Saturday, April 24, 2010

Wow, yesterday I went through a huge learning curve with trying to customize my blog. It took me all day and into the night but I think I got it. Just a few minor tweaks to go.Yes and thanks to my friend Stacy who got me involved in blogging in the first place " you should start a blog"... never should me, I caught the bait.

Stacy and I had tea yesterday and so I took advantage of some of her know how with blogging. I just needed to understand some of the language, and I was off and running. Thanks Stacy. So now I feel good and ready to spill it all out on the pages or blog I should say.

I originally planned on just blogging about the adventures of building my tiny house and how I had a vision of building it for almost free, but it's more then that. This little house will be the future home of my studio and the creative goings on of CRAFTINA, yes that's me and where I will be creating for my etsy store. My plan is also to have the studio open to the public 3 mornings a week.
As you can see by my latest published photo's the process of the building and the final tarped up house to stay dry over the winter. I'm getting a bit antsy to get back on the job and the fine weather is coming so I'm hoping to have it up and running by the fall. Wish me luck!